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Solar Installs


Savings On Your Energy Bill

Average Star Rating

Solar Installs


Savings On Your Energy Bill

Average Star Rating

Turns Out, Solar Power Is Worth It!

One of our clients went from paying $135/month to just $3/month!

And that is just one of 100+ solar success stories.

Take Your Power Back with Solar.

Utility companies are raising their rates and there is only one way to protect yourself.


If energy costs continue to rise at this rate, your energy bill will reach astronomical heights.

Average Rate Increase in 2022

Times Your Energy Bill Every Year

Turn an expense into an investment with solar power.

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What Do Our Clients Say About Us?


Working with Phoenix Power was a great experience from start to finish. They were clear and answered all my questions about switching to solar.


The Phoenix Power team has been nothing but helpful in this process. They checked in with us at every step along the way.


I was skeptical about switching to solar but the Phoenix  Power Team made the process so comfortable. They are knowledgable and care.

Go Solar in 8 Easy Steps with Phoenix Power


Provide a copy of your electricity bill so we can see how much energy your home uses.


Our team will design a custom solar panel set up to fit your home or business perfectly!


We check to see if you qualify for $0 down + incentives and/or rebates offered by the government and your utility company.


We send one of our expert solar advisors to take measurements and confirm our solar design will fit like a glove.


Our partners get to work engineering your final design and we handle paperwork for permissions. 


Our installers will seamlessly install your custom solar system and make sure everything works.


To confirm everything has been installed up to code, your local jurisdiction and utility company will inspect the installation.


You are ready to go! One of our experts will arrive to turn on your system and make sure it is working at optimal performance.

Why Install Solar Power?

Avoid High Energy Bills

Energy is getting more and more expensive. Solar energy can help you avoid those high energy bills, by allowing you to generate your own power.

Turn an Expense Into an Investment

You are paying the energy bill every month anyway….might as well turn that into an investment with solar power.

Earn Money On Extra Power Generated

If you generate more power than you use, you can sell the excess power back to the utility company through a process called net metering.

Don’t Fall Victim to Greedy Utility Companies

Utility companies are raising their rates and they aren’t stopping. By installing solar panels, you can free yourself from their price gouging.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Solar energy is a renewable resource, which means that it can be used over and over again without damaging the environment.

Get Tax Credits for Installing Solar

The government offers tax credits for installing solar panels on your home. This can help offset the cost of installation.

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