How Much Do Solar Panels Save On Electricity Bills?

Solar power is a great way to create sustainable energy for your home. The sun sustains life on Earth, it only makes sense that we should take advantage of its power and harness it as our own. There are many benefits of solar power including saving money on or eliminating your electricity bill. Electricity prices keep going up and consumers may think they don’t have another option but to pay their high electricity bill; however, solar power gives you another option! Invest in solar panels today and stop paying those high monthly electric bills!

Solar Panels Can Save You Money

For many homeowners, the cost of electricity can make a significant dent in their wallet. The average homeowner spends $1,923 on electricity per year and that’s only going to increase with time. That’s where solar panels come in.

Electricity costs are soaring. But we have good news. It’s one of the largest expenditures for homeowners and can be reduced with solar power! Solar energy is a renewable resource that does not use fossil fuels to produce electricity. A home powered by solar will reduce its electric bill from $1,000 to around $0 annually! That’s right – zero dollars per year for your electric bill! The cost of installation is quickly offset by the savings you’ll get over time. Even if you install solar panels at age 65, the return on investment could be as high as 10%. Do yourself and your wallet a favor – go green today and save thousands of dollars each year!
Would you like to dramatically reduce your monthly electricity bill? There is a way. Invest in solar panels! Solar power has been around for years, and as technology improves it becomes more affordable for homeowners. You might be surprised by how easy it is for you to go green with solar energy. 

Reduce or Eliminate Your Electricity Bill with Solar Panels

You may have heard that installing solar panels can reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. Is it true? The answer is yes!

Solar panels can reduce your electricity bill by generating energy from the sun. This provides an alternative to fossil fuels and reduces carbon emissions, which benefits our environment. A clean source of renewable energy that’s free for you to use – all day every day! (No more high electricity bills!) It may sound too good to be true, but thank the skies it is not. Granted, it isn’t completely free because you do have to pay up front for solar panel installation costs. However, about 90% of home and business owners qualify for $0 down and attractive tax incentives make the choice a no-brainer. The amount of money you save on your electricity bill for years to come will surely outweigh the investment.

Is your electricity bill very high? Solar panels can help!

Let’s think about this logically for a moment. If solar panels weren’t worth it, then why would millions of homeowners make the choice to install them? It’s because they see the value in solar panels and are attracted to the savings on their electricity bill. As long as they are designed, installed, and tested by a reputable solar energy company, your solar panels will end up saving you money for years to come. If you ask anyone who has them, most will say that it was one of the best investments they ever made for their home and family. After all, who wouldn’t want to reduce or eliminate their electricity bill. Especially with electricity prices rising all over the world.

Solar power is worth it from an economic standpoint as well. The vast majority of homes have a roof already installed that can be used to mount solar panels. There is no need for expensive construction or installation.

The cost of solar panels depends on the size and number you want to install, but most estimates confirm that it will take only three to five years at current prices to recoup your upfront investment. After that time period, your panels will produce enough power to offset any future electric bills.

Tax Credits for Solar Panel Installation

The benefits of solar power don’t stop there. For those installing panels for the first time, the federal government offers a 30% federal tax credit off your investment and any excess energy that is generated can be “sold” back to your utility company. You don’t actually get cash money for extra energy generated, but you do get credits. If you are curious about this, give the Phoenix Power team a call and we can explain the nitty-gritty. In short, this means you’re not only going green by reducing or eliminating your electricity bill but you are making a profit.

The federal tax credit is a great incentive for the first-time solar panel buyer, but it’s not the only incentive. For example, Arizona residents also receive incentives from their state government that can cover as much as 50% of their investment in solar power! When you get started going solar with Phoenix Power, we will make sure we take advantage of every single incentive that your state and local government offers. Because we operate nation-wide, we know the deals and loopholes like the back of our hand.

Solar Panels Make Your Electric Bill More Predictable

Have you ever been surprised by your electric bill? Installing solar panels could make your electric bill more predictable. Because electricity prices are hard to predict and are always changing beyond your control, it can make receiving the electric bill an unpleasant, even anxiety ridden time of the month.

The good news is that your electric bill can be more predictable, and you can save money with solar panels. Solar power systems are a great way to take control over the rising prices of electricity because they generate energy from renewable sources. In fact, utility rates have been increasing by at least three times the rate of inflation in recent years. But with solar power, the sun will provide energy for your home and you don’t need to worry about those prices increasing because the sun is a free and renewable resource with a constant predictable price per unit. The price per unit has been and will always be free!

The best thing? You can start saving money on utility rates as soon as you install solar panels! Even if the cost of electricity does go up, you will pay the “rate set by the sun” and all you need to do is purchase solar panels.

Save Money and Support the Environment with Solar Installation

Solar power systems provide benefits for the environment too! Solar energy doesn’t produce harmful byproducts like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, or nitrogen oxide which pollute our air. And because we don’t have a dependency on electricity from fossil fuels with coal fired plants that release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere when they burn fuel, there’s no worry about dirty emissions going up in your home either.

You can invest in renewable energy and stop high utility rates – make sure to take advantage of this opportunity before electricity prices go up even more!

Phoenix Power Can Help You Save Money

Power your home with the sun and stop paying high electricity bills. Contact Phoenix Power today for a free consultation! Save money and support the environment by making the investment in solar power.

It all starts with a custom free quote from one of our expert solar advisors. Ask for yours today and we will check if you qualify for $0 down on solar power installation!

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