NC Homeowners Stand Up to HOA: Supreme Court Supports Solar!

A recent ruling by the North Carolina Supreme Court makes it simpler for homeowners who are members of homeowner associations to install rooftop solar panels. On Friday, June 16, the court ruled in favor of Raleigh residents in a lawsuit against their HOA, the Belmont Association. If you are a homeowner in North Carolina, this decision affects you. And, if you are thinking about going solar, now is a great time to do it!

“This decision will reduce a significant barrier to the residential solar market in North Carolina,” said Peter Ledford, general counsel of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.



Supreme Court Ruling Makes Installing Solar Panels Easier

Residents were unjustly subject to $50 in daily fines, liens as well as legal actions in response to installing solar panels on their front facing roof in 2018. The HOA’s argument was that the project required approval from them. However, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that HOAs can only ask for “reasonable” restrictions on property and the HOA in this case did not have any.

The Supreme Court , in a 4-3 decision, ruled that panels should be permitted. The court ruled that a review committee cannot enforce such a rule and owners can place solar panels wherever is optimal for their situation.



HOAs Can No Longer Prohibit Solar Panel Placement

This is great news for homeowners across North Carolina and across the United States. It all started with a Raleigh homeowner standing up for their right to take their power back with solar!

A previous North Carolina law established in 2007 clearly prevents HOAs from banning homeowners from installing solar panels. However, under that law HOAs were still allowed to restrict the placement of solar panels. Well, not anymore!  



Getting Solar Power in North Carolina Has Never Been Easier


Because of this Supreme Court decision, it is now easier than ever to get solar power in North Carolina. Homeowners will no longer have to worry about getting approval from their HOA in order to install solar panels.

The sustainable energy association and Attorney General Josh Stein’s expressed on Twitter: “North Carolinians must be able to use clean energy alternatives to power their lives and protect our environment.”

Lawyer Lauren Bowen, who leads SELC’s Solar Initiative, said in a statement: “For too long, North Carolina homeowners lived with uncertainty about whether our solar access law would protect their right to go solar if opinions on their respective HOA boards or committees swung against it,” she said. “The North Carolina Supreme Court has now affirmed the right to go solar under the law and homeowners can now be confident their decisions to go solar will not be denied arbitrarily.”

This is a huge win for solar power and a big step in the right direction for North Carolina. Homeowners across the state can now take advantage of clean, renewable energy without having to worry about their HOA getting in the way. We aren’t alone in our passion for solar. Over 25,000 North Carolina homeowners have taken advantage of one of our most abundant resources. Join them in reducing and eliminating energy bills, supporting the environment, and standing up for your right to take your power back!



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