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North Carolina Solar Power Stats

Key Figures & Info

Average Energy Rate Increase


Price Increase Since 2021

Average Utility Bill

$ 147.90

4 Person Household in 2021

Average Solar Bill

$ 108.50

4 Person Household in 2021

Net Metering?

Sell excess energy back to the grid 


Solar Cost Trend

58% cost decrease in the last 10 years

Solar Powered Homes

in North Carolina (and counting!)

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The state of North Carolina has some of the best solar power in the United States. With over 300 days of sun per year, North Carolina’s solar potential offers homeowners an opportunity to save money on their energy bills while doing something good for the environment. And with the attractive solar incentives offered by North Carolina, installing solar power is a no-brainer!

We strive to be a resource for homeowners who are considering installing solar panels on their home or business in North Carolina. We can tell you why you should install solar power, how much it costs and what type you need depending on your location in NC, how many panels you’ll need based on your square footage and energy usage, what size inverter you will need, and all of the other important information you need to make an educated decision.

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Looking for the best price for solar panels? We have got your back. Because we are a third-party and have install and manufacturer partners across North Carolina, we can make sure you get the best deal! When you work with our team, have access to exclusive deals so you can be sure you get the best deal in the market, no hidden charges or fees.

We survey the market, compare prices and pass on the savings to you! That means you get the best deal possible in the state of NC! We take advantage of the many promotions offered by North Carolina solar panel companies and use our expert knowledge to make sure you make the right choice when it comes to your solar power install. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is North Carolina good for solar power?

Yes! The state is ranked fourth in the country for best solar energy resources and has an average sun exposure time of over 4 hours a day. With the right solar panels, homeowners can make use of those natural resources to power their homes.

Does North Carolina have a solar tax credit?

North Carolina offers a solar tax credit for homeowners who install solar panels. This means that you can have them installed and receive a 25% rebate from the state government on your taxes. However, this is only available to those who live in North Carolina and are not on public assistance.

Do solar panels increase home value in North carolina?

It’s a common misconception that solar panels are only for environmental causes. In reality, the addition of solar panels can increase your home’s value. This is because they not only decrease your energy bill but also reduce the amount of taxes you owe on your property. Solar panel systems are a great investment over the long run and there has never been a better time to make the switch!

Can I get free solar panels in NC?

You could potentially qualify for regional promotions, incentives (including tax incentives) which can greatly reduce the price of solar panels. Because we work with installers across the state of North Carolina, we are able to offer you exclusive promotions from our trusted partners. Fill out this form for a free quote.

How much are solar panels in NC?

The cost of solar power varies depending on what type you get and where you live – but don’t worry. Our team is here to make sure you get the best deal across the state of North Carolina. Our trusted install partners are able to offer exclusive promotions and make sure you take advantage of state incentive programs.

What are the laws for Solar Panels installation in North Carolina?

North Carolina state law does not prohibit solar panels from being installed on a homeowner’s property. However, HOAs can place restrictions on the installation of these panels and this issue is often debated between homeowners. Therefore, It is important to talk with trusted experts and find out exactly how to solar power your home in the correct way. Our team has all the legal and general knowledge to make the entire process hassle-free.

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North Carolina Solar Incentives

North Carolina homeowners are eligible for a number of solar incentives, including the 30% federal tax credit. The Phoenix Power team provides invaluable information on these incentives and how to maximize your savings. We don’t want you to spend unnecessary money! One way to get the most out of your investment is by taking advantage of net metering, which allows you to use any excess energy generated by the solar panels at home. To learn more about this process and other ways North Carolinians can take advantage of solar power in their homes, contact us for a free quote.

North Carolina homeowners are in luck! North Carolina is one of the few states that offer solar power incentives like the solar tax credit. This means if you invest in solar panels for your home, you will receive a rebate from the state government equal to a percentage of your investment. With solar incentives like this, it’s no wonder more and more people are investing in renewable energy sources such as solar panels. 

In order to qualify for the tax credit, you must live within the borders of North Carolina and have an income below $150k per household. The best part is that this incentive applies to both new homes or existing homes with new installations- so there’s never been a better time than now to make the switch to clean energy sources!

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How Much Can You Save With Solar Power in NC?

The cost of solar energy has gone down in the past 5 years and today homeowners can save money, help reduce pollution, and contribute to a more sustainable future by installing solar panels. For example, typical homes in North Carolina could expect to see savings of $1,000 annually on their energy bill when they install new solar panels.

Solar power is a great way to save money and the environment. There are tax credits for installing solar panels in North Carolina, so there’s never been a better time to go green! Solar energy is clean, renewable, and abundant. It doesn’t pollute or contribute to climate change like fossil fuels do. With recent advances in technology, it’s now cheaper than ever before too- making it more affordable than ever before! 

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